Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mountains Versus Mole Hills

As probably most of you have experienced, there are times when you run across the annoying niggles at work that tend to turn the proverbial mole hill of niggles into a mountain of them. Each mole hill you attempt to step over, there just over the rise is the mountain that has risen, the one you have to find a pass through. Sometimes you are lucky enough to be handed a map, an escape route. Today mine was in the way of a rolling pin and a very large bag of ice.

Four customers came in, a young couple with a two year old toddler, an adorable little boy, and an older couple. When I say old, I mean my age. I felt old today. Three of them were visiting their relative here in Virginia. I found out that they had lived in this area until their move to Texas a little while before. The older lady said how much she missed Virginia and I listened sympathetically remembering how homesick I was for my family in England when I first came to the States.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of time to chat as it was a very busy day, and I wasn’t feeling in the best of sorts due to those annoying ‘niggles’ but I smiled as you need to do, not only for yourself but for them, and made the best of it. The young father asked me if I could bring a cup of crushed ice for his son, and told me he liked to eat it and it always kept him quiet and happily entertained, for a little while at least. He had been a bit fussy and so I was happy to tell his father that I would bring it to him in a minute or so. Well, our kitchen doesn’t have a crushed ice machine, but it had a large bag of ice in the freezer, and when I took it out it had just about molded into one solid clump. I had to break off pieces and with it still in the bag, proceeded to beat the heck out of it with a rolling pin. Wow, there was the pass, there was my escape route.

I created a heck of a racket and as I pounded the ice, one of the other ladies I work with came into the kitchen with such a look of surprise on her face that I started to laugh, but I kept on pounding the ice because that little boy needed his crushed ice and crushed ice he was going to get. When I had obtained enough for a cupful, peace reigned once more. I had been heard, the young father said, “Did you have to actually crush the ice?” I said "I sure did!" and went back into the kitchen to fetch the rolling pin and I joked “With this!” as I held it up high. “Wow” he said to his companions, “I’m not going to mess around with this lady, no sir.” The other man said to me with a smile, “Do you have stress issues?” and I said, “Well, as a matter of fact I did, but I don’t anymore.” More laughter and I said, “I think I’ll go put my rolling pin away now.” The little boy got his ice and quieted down long enough to allow his family to finish their meal, and not too long afterwards I said goodbye to them and wished them a happy journey home.

Then I went and put my mountain back into the freezer and my escape route back into the drawer, and I didn't feel quite as old as I had only a short while before.


  1. Hello Denise
    Thanks for popping in - I'm feeling lots better now.

    The salt water gargles happen in our house too when there are sore throats. They really seem to help.

    It sound s like that rolling pin was a very good stress reliever LOL

    I'll come back again and see what you've been up to another day.

    Take care

  2. Hello Cathy, what a nice surprise. Thank you for stopping by and I am so glad you are feeling better.

    All the best,

  3. That is such a cute story Denise.

    Have a super weekend!!


  4. Thanks Gill, you have a great weekend too :))))