Saturday, July 12, 2008

Monday morning walk along the Beach (Virginia Beach)

No beautiful sunset but still an incredible sky.

Sand Raker.
Sunrise Seeker No. 1, still looking a little tired as after all it is only 5.15 a.m.

Sunrise Seeker No. 2, yes I look pretty tired too. Can't quite believing I actually made it out of bed at this hour but obviously very happy that I did. I am a night owl usually and I don't think I got to sleep until around 2.00 a.m., even though I tried really hard.

Mole Crab Seeker.
Turtle Seeker.
She was focused in this shot but when she saw me take her photo she gave me a big smile, a wave and a hello, and then she was gone.

Shell Seeker. Bless her heart she waited patiently for me to stop taking a photo of a pretty shell that she obviously wanted, and as I stepped back she quickly popped it into her bag. My shell photo came out too blurry so I think it was meant for her, as it should be. I remember my own shell seeking days.
Treasure Seeker. Did you lose a diamond ring or a gold watch on the beach yesterday? I hope not but I think this man with the metal detector is.

Another sunrise seeker?

A perfect photo of my two son's seeker. I don't think her sons are interested in that perfect photo, they are fun seekers.

Breakfast Seeker. I looked back and the seagull is still searching for that mole crab.


  1. Denise I just love looking at your photos.


  2. Thanks Gill, I'm glad you don't find them boring. I sometimes think I go overboard but then that's me, I have always been a bit nutty over taking photographs.