Saturday, July 12, 2008

Monday Morning, Last Chance to stroll the Boardwalk

We have just spent a lovely weekend at the beach and this was Monday morning. We were heading back up north in a couple of hours, stopping off to see the family before we left.

We walked back to our hotel along the Boardwalk. By this time is was almost eight o'clock and people were beginning to appear. All ages could be seen.

There are several whimsical sculptures at various intervals, below are two of them.

Perhaps it was rather naughty of me to take the next photo of the gentleman walking along. As he approached he presented an image I had never quite seen before and I could see his hair swinging behind him. I have never seen a man with such long hair and it was pretty darned impressive. His appearance was very interesting, he seemed quite noble, and as I often do I wonder what his life story might be. He must have sensed me taking his photo. We had passed each other and just as I had snapped the shutter he turned around and gave me a curious stare. I felt a bit embarrassed and stared out at the ocean as if oblivious, silly me. I hoped he didn't mind but I think if you grow your hair to such a length, you must be used to the curiosity of strangers.
Surprise, I am taking yet another picture of the ocean. I take many, these are going to have to last me for a while and you can see part of King Neptune in the background.

Gregg standing near The Norwegian Lady.

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