Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Little Too Close Maybe?

A while back we found ourselves at the Reston Zoo. There is a pond where there are all kinds of birdlife. I sat down on the hill some distance away and as I took photos I became aware of a Canada Goose taking an interest in me. He came closer and closer and closer still. I took this photo of him with a regular lens. Just as I thought he was going to try and sit in my lap, he turned around and went back to the pond.

The same thing happened with the camel below, no he didn't come up from the pond but I was looking at some of his friends in a pen when I noticed him in my peripheral vision, walking along the fence. I had heard that camels can be pretty rude in that they spit at you if you get too close and stare at them too long, and as his lips started quivering I backed off quickly. I have had friends who have lived in places where camels are very common. I've heard tales. I have never been spat at by a camel and didn't intend to have that honor but he was adorable, as was the goose.
The Camel
by Ogden Nash
The camel has a single hump;
The dromedary, two;
Or else the other way around.
I'm never sure are you?

The Smiling Camel
(with apologies to the true poets out there for this is my own).
His eyes drew me in as he slowly walked towards me.
He smiles showing big teeth and I smile back with relief,
As all I have heard about the bad tempered camel says,
"Step back, don't dally, he'll get you if he can."
"No!" says I, "He is smiling don't you see?
He wants this fig from my outstretched hand.
This noble animal of the desert sand would never spit at me, would he?
Don't you see, he is a dear, how could anything do
What you think he would do with such a twinkle in his eye.
Don't you see' he's such a dear." says I.
And with that now said, he spat at me!
Yes I am JOKING! As you can see, I have a querky sense of humor.


  1. Great stories and I love the poem!! Sounds like something I would write!
    I'm going to say the camel was just wanting to get to know you a little better...he does not look at all upset!!
    Thanks for the great read Denise!

  2. You are so very welcome Eve. no, I don't think the camel was upset either. He was actually smiling wasn't he?

  3. Thanks Gill, hope you had a good day at work today.