Wednesday, July 23, 2008


As you can see I also enjoy taking pictures of froggies. I included two of the same photo, one with the text and one without so you could look at the unadulterated version. I found this little fellow at Hidden Pond Nature Center in Springfield, Virginia.

The one below was at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, Maryland. I couldn't get a very good shot of him so I thought he needed dressing up a little and added the beautifully illustrated frog in Paint Shop Pro.

I have just thought of a childhood memory. Funny how things just pop out of your mind when you are looking at a photograph. My Dad was as much into nature as I am now, though I didn't realize it at the time. He loved wildlife as did his mother, and my sister and I were surrounded by animals thanks to my Dad, and my Mom of course but Dad was the instigator. Even though we lived in a pretty built up, industrialized area and our home was a police house, we had a couple of dozen pet rabbits, a cat, a dog and a tortoise. The cat and dog lived in the house, the tortoise lived in the garden and the rabbits lived in these wonderful rabbit hutches Dad built by hand. Not only a police officer but a very talented carpenter. I wasn't satisfied with this menagerie apparently as I had a bee in my bonnet about wanting a monkey, but my Dad would laugh and say I was his little monkey and enough was enough. I didn't get upset with him telling me I was his little monkey, because I knew he was joking and I always knew I was loved.
We did live near a boggy, marshy area within walking distance and one time he brought home hundred's of frogs eggs, After we had a chance to study them and watch them evolve into tadpoles, he was going to return them. Dad filled an old tin bath with the brackish water. This bath to me as a small child was huge, the kind that was probably a leftover from his childhood when he used to bath in it in front of the fireplace. Now that's going back a ways.
I remember being in awe of these frogs eggs and yes they eventually - not sure of a timeline here - turned into tadpoles, which were great fun to watch. I think Dad had to go away for a few days on a course and their return was delayed with consequences, because they decided to hop back home themselves. We woke up one morning to hear my Mother screaming blue bloody murder as when she went into the back garden, there were literally hundreds of frogs jumping all over the garden. My poor Mum! We tried to retrieve them but there were too many and we had to let them pack their bags and head out on their own. Our babies were leaving their tin bath home. Do I need to say that my mum never allowed us to bring any more frogs eggs home after that experience? I think she was a pretty good egg herself to allow us to get away with it in the first place.


Mary said...

Frogs and toads are great! I never manage to see too many of them, but grab a photo whenever I do. Cute fix in the PSP photo :-)

Denise said...

Thanks Mary, appreciate the nice comments.

Stacey Huston said...

Feeling froggy Hu?
Great pictures they have such comical faces.. too funny

Denise said...

Thanks Stacey, yep, there are times I feel froggy. I always go to this one place where there are zillions of the little darlings, only I was a little too early this year as they were still tadpoles, some growing legs though. Fascinating process.

Eve said...

What a great memory! Which brings back all my frog and tadpole memories as a kid! Your dad had a wonderful spirit and it is coming through in you Denise! Your poor mum!! She probably laughed about it later!! hahaha!

Denise said...

Thanks Eve, Dad was one of a kind and yes I had a few laughs with my Mum over those frogs eggs/tadpoles/frogs :))))

Gill - That British Woman said...

frogs are icky, icky,


Denise said...

Oh Gill, say it ain't so - lol. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder - another lol. I think my sister would agree with you.