Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Four Barns and a House

I love to take photos of everything, but old barns and houses are right up there on the list. All taken on our weekend rides in the country.

There is a lovely blog with photos of old barns on one of its pages belonging to Julie Zickefoose, which you can find right here, along with a poem by Robert Frost called "Birches".

I have tried to find out more about this old house without success. The historical marker nearby reads: "Moore House - 1872. Land purchased by Charles Moore, 1860's. Given to son J.W.R. Moore and home built in 1872. Present owner W.B. Holtzman, great-great-great grandson of Charles Moore."


  1. Hello Denise

    Perhaps if your car broke down outside the front gate you could cultivate a friendship with Mr.Holtzman.
    That way you might even get an invite into that fabulous looking house.lol

    Hope you're not in the wars again

    Take care

  2. What a great idea Cathy, I'll have to try that next time we drive by - lol.

    The wars are calming down now thanks :))))


  3. Hi Denise
    thanks for visiting my blog.
    These houses look lovely, I enjoy taking photos too especially old churches etc.

  4. Those are great photos and some of the best looking barns I've seen in a long time! That house is wonderful! I always wanted to live in a huge old house like that!

  5. Hi Ginny and Mary,

    Thanks for dropping by. Ginny, I love taking pictures of churches and Mary, I would love an old house like that, but I would also like to be rich enough to restore it to its once past glory. I can't help but think how satisfying it would be to get the life back into it, just like the poem said.

    Everyone have a great day.