Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Fisher King - A Great Blue Heron

I was hoping we would see one. We saw two, the first in this pond. He was standing so still you just knew he was fishing for his lunch.

We sat down on the bank and waited. I thought our patience was going to run out long before his.

I was just about to give up but couldn't stop taking photos.

Eventually after several minutes he started to move in slow motion.

All of a sudden he dove under the water.....

and came up with a fish in his beak.

Gregg took this photo as he flew off...

and he landed by the bridge on the left hand side of the photo.

Gregg saw me walking along the bridge with the Heron right underneath me. I of course was totally oblivious as my interest was with the other Heron.

This is the one underneath my feet, head out of sight but you can see his whole reflection in the water, which I think Gregg captured very nicely.

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