Monday, July 28, 2008

The English Sausage Caper

Not much today. It was such a busy day at work, I was far too busy to do my favorite thing and chat to my customers, even though I recognized and greeted several of them and knew them as my beloved 'regulars', my family away from home. Today I prepared mostly afternoon teas which are always good on busy days, as making 30 afternoon teas flows more easily than making 30 individual meals where everyone is ordering different items from off the menu. There were also several take-out orders. My fingers were flying and as I often do at such times, I remember the fateful words of the lady who had to practically twist my arm to agree to a trial period as I sat there having lunch with my sister, "Don't worry, you cook for your family don't you? Well, this is just the same thing, it will be like cooking for your family, only it will be a much bigger family", or something like that. The satisfaction comes when people leave and on their way out tell you what a great time they had. No grumpies today on either side of the swing doors, woo-hoo!
There was one hiccup, someone had left out what I thought were English sausages to be cooked first thing. Except that over the weekend there had been a bit of a mix up. I cooked them and served them as I normally would, with mashed potatoes and mushy peas or baked beans, and the first person who asked for his bangers and mash, left them practically untouched on his plate with only a bite taken out of them. The comment was that they were too spicy, and they had NUTS in them. "NUTS? There's NUTS in the English sausages? You've got to be kidding me? There's no nuts in English sausage." "No, I have never had nuts in my English Sausage before" the gentleman replied, "I couldn't eat them, they were too hot and spicy and I don't like nuts." I was really shocked and I think maybe my mouth dropped open. English sausages are English sausages and most definitely are not highly spiced and most definitely do not have nuts in them. When I checked in the freezer we apparently had ordered a new variety to try out, but no one had told me. I wasn't too pleased but afterwards I saw the funny side of it, and fortunately the gentleman - bless his cotton socks - didn't think I was trying to pull a fast one across him by trying something new. All's well that ends well but I put those dastardly things aside and cooked the real McCoy! And no one complained about those.
The two photos above are ones taken when we were in Pennsylvania a while back, the name of the town long forgotten by me because I apparently didn't know how to identify things properly in my photograph folder. Lesson learned. It was a lovely old hotel with a classic car out front. If it were the only car in the parking lot, it would have been like stepping back in time.


  1. I have a question for you. Do you have chipolatas in England? I have been buying them, and they seem like normal bangers only smaller.

  2. LOL! That is very funny about the sausages! Nuts? What on earth kind of sausage were they??? Love the photos and agree that it looks like something from another era. Gorgeous place and car both!

  3. Funny story, though I've never had bangers before and wouldn't know on if it hit me!

  4. WHEW!!! That could have been bad...but luckly it ended well! I do love that hotel as well! Some of the houses in Watertown, near me, look like this. Some are so grand I just can't get enough of them! It's a wonder I don't have an accident every time I drive by!!

  5. Hi Linda, I have this vague memory of chipolatas when I was in England, but not sure whether my memory is getting confused the longer I live in the US.

    Hi Mary, I have selectively rejected their names - :))) - but will try to remember to look at the ones we have left in the fridge. Big thumbs down to everyone behind the scenes, me included :)))) Thanks for the ncie comments about the photos. I have expected a flapper to walk out the front door.

    Hi Kathie, thanks so much for visiting. A banger is the English sausage, so called by us all ever since I can remember.

    Hi Eve, yes it could have been bad as we get quite a few customers in the shop who are allergic to nuts and we need to know what we are preparing. Would love to see some of those old houses in Watertown. Any chance of some photos? But please do stop and get off your bike first - hahahaha.

    Thanks for dropping in. you ladies are great and love visiting your blogs. Since I discovered them it has opened up a whole new world.

  6. Ok Denise,
    I'll stop first then take pictures!!