Wednesday, July 16, 2008


A Butterfly Hovers Closely

A butterfly hovers closely
And then quickly moves away,
Swiftly going where so ever
Her heart may freely say.

A butterfly lowers and rises
With the winds's gusty breath,
As if coupled within a dance
Of a loving tenderness.

The butterfly only knows
How it feels to have wings,
To kiss the petals of flowers
In such elegant flitterings.

To have but one moment
Of such an exquisite flight,
Would be like a dream
Where all seems so right.

Author Unknown

I took the top two photos at Big Meadow along Skyline Drive and the bottom photo at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, Maryland.


  1. Denise, how on earth do you get to photograph those butterflies close up? I can never capture anything like that? You are so talented with the photography.


  2. I have a 300 mm zoom Gill so I am not that close. This was at a park where there were hundreds of bright flowers to keep them busy. A lot of taking photos is luck I think but thanks for the nice comments.

  3. Finally after having our camera for a couple of years, a basic Canon, I read part of the manual, and guess what I have a zoom ;0)


  4. That sounds like me, I discovered a few things about mine that I didn't know before. All in good time :))))