Friday, July 11, 2008

Ocean Watch in Virginia Beach

This past weekend Gregg and I got up one morning to see the sun rise. We started our walk at 5.30 a.m. and it was already pretty light. There was a thick cloud bank on the horizon and we didn't get the spectacular colors we were looking for. No matter, it was still incredibly beautiful and we enjoyed our walk along the beach. For me one of the most relaxing things to do is to look out as far as the eye can see. I could sit on the sands for hours in quiet contemplation. I miss living near the ocean, my spirits lift every time I see it. There is a lady, a neighbor of my father-in-law's, who has resided nearby for decades. Each morning she comes down to the water's edge. I think I would be her if I lived here.


  1. Great photos, makes me wish we didn't have to wait until September to pop our toes into the sea.


  2. I love the ocean. Nothing better than feeling the sand under your feet and the water lapping over them as you walk along the edge. I wish we lived closer.