Sunday, July 13, 2008

4.22 p.m. and what have I done today?

Well, we started out going over to pick Brad up and the three of us went to his favorite restaurant Amphora's. We stayed there for about an hour and had a lovely time catching up on events. He had borrowed my camera with a stronger zoom than his, and yesterday he and a friend had gone over to Teddy Roosevelt Island, a small island in the Potomac between Georgetown and Rosslyn. He tells such a good account of his visit that he made us want to put that one on our list. Eventually we dropped him off as he had to go to work not too longer after, and Gregg and I drove over to Tyson's Corner, one of the many shopping malls around here. This one has existed since the early 1970's. I seem to remember going to it when we first got married and lived in Alexandria. I had to buy a few tops and headed to Coldwater Creek, which is one of my favorite clothing shops, even though they don't see me too often. Now you have to understand that I am very unusual in that I dislike clothes shopping really, but I am running low on summer tops. The only time you will find me shopping is when I absolutely have to and the sales were on. Gregg feels blessed, don't you Gregg? I found what I had to in the minimum amount of time possible, surprising the staff as I refused their offer to put what I had hanging over my arm into one of the changing rooms, replying that I pretty much knew they would fit. Yes I am very strange but I have never had to take anything back yet, on the rare occasions that I do shop. We came home and haven't been anywhere since.

Going back a couple of days, on Friday morning Brad dropped by and we picked Gregg up from work and had lunch at a restaurant called Eatin' at Joes, which son had found in Loudon County, in a shopping center just past Ashburn. It was a great restaurant and one we will put on our list, so thanks Brad for introducing us to such a neat place.

Saturday I met up with 'the girls' and we went to lunch at Panera Bread. The general theme of this weekend seems to be eating out. I didn't take photos on this occasion as one of our ranks has just come out of the hospital, and probably shouldn't have been there but didn't want to miss our monthly get-together, so the photo taking seemed not to be appropriate. (Gasp, gasp, gasp, there are actually occasions when my camera is not glued to the front of my face). Her husband dropped her off and she sat quietly - or as quietly as you could with us all chatting away - and a couple of hours later he picked her up. She was so happy to get together with us. We gave her lots of TLC and told her not to come back to work before she felt ready, as she had mentioned that she didn't think she was up to it just yet. I always have a good time with my friends, someone will say something that makes all of us laugh, we chat until the cows come home, we laugh some more and then we know when it is time to go, which was around 2.30 p.m. All in all we were together about two-and-a-half hours.

At 8.30 p.m. Gregg and I decided to pop up to the supermarket. We don't usually grocery shop that late but it's a nice time to go as it is pretty quiet and it was a lovely evening weather-wise.

That's the weekend, a little quieter than the last which seems a long time ago now, and no plans for eating out for the next several days as it's back to being good.


  1. I was just thinking you eat out a lot, then you say you won't be eating out for a while......

    When we go on vacation I truly get fed up of eating out all the time. Its kills my stomach.

    You sound as though you had a good day though.


  2. Yes, we sometimes eat out a little too much but try to keep it to the weekends only. Gregg just told me to tell you that it goes all the way back to his grandma in Massachusettes who used to love eating out. But we get kinda bored with that and like tonight enjoyed a nice meal at home, better than any restaurant meal as Gregg was the chef and I didn't have to cook - ha!