Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Yellowstone Buffalo

Today I decided to share some photos from our trip to Yellowstone. I often browse through my albums on line and think back to the time we were amongst all those beautiful animals, in what I think is the United States first National Park.

To see the magnificent buffalo was an awesome experience. Living on the East Coast as I do, I rarely get the opportunity to see them so up close and personal and this for us was a once in a lifetime trip. I have labels on some of the photos as I took them from an on-line album that I have.

Yes, he was that close! I could have reached out and touched him and how I wanted to, BUT as I didn't want to explain to the rental car company how that horn hole got in the side of the car, I thought better of it. I read once that a tourist got a little too close to one of these big guys, and found himself tossed 40 feet up into a pine tree!!! Is that an exaggeration? I have no idea but I didn't want to find out as these big guys were all over the place, very used to humans apparently but when someone foolishly thinks he can walk up to one and take a photo, watch out. Hopefully with a lot of common sense on the human side, we can enjoy being that close for a long, long time.

This was a common site driving around, a traffic jam and a buffalo ambling up the road.

These sculptures were all over the town of West Yellowstone.


  1. Thanks for sharing your photos of the buffalo. As a transplanted easterner living in the west, I have long been captivated by these animals.

    What you and others visiting the park might not realize is that the buffalo is having a terrible time of it. Last winter, more buffalo were killed by the government than at any time since the 19th century (more than 1,600 killed) and perhaps as much as 2/3 of the herd died either from slaughter or from the winter (4,700 last fall - down to maybe 1,500 this year). For those of us who live here and see the park, we see a lot of sadness knowing so many buffalo are now gone and that the survivors have to rebuild their families.

    Thanks for your pictures and enthusiasm; it was good to see.


  2. Hi Jim, what a sad commentary but I thank you for this information as we all need to know what is going on out there and I for one most definitely did not realize all these beautiful animals were being killed. What a tragedy.