Sunday, June 29, 2008

What we ended up doing today.

Not a lot, we didn't even leave the house but we had as much fun pottering around as we would have had we gone out. We just felt we needed to take a break. I think we tired ourselves out with all the exercise we got yesterday, and probably the week caught up with us and our bodies were letting us know. We were glad for a slow day.

Gregg watched golf and swimming and various other sporting activities on the TV. I was on the computer and did what I love to do on quiet days, travel all over the world without leaving a nice air-conditioned house on a hot muggy day. I visited India, Egypt and Australia. There are people out there who take incredible photographs and I looked at places I probably won't get to see in this lifetime, learned of cultures described so eloquently by the people who wrote about them. I discovered new blogs on wildlife and more incredible photographs. What a wealth of information there is out there.

Gregg and I have realized of late just how much we enjoy getting into the kitchen and preparing meals together. As we started our first one pretty late it was more lunch than breakfast. Gregg scrambled eggs and I sliced and sautéed button mushrooms. There was a lonely little English sausage left over from yesterday which was shared between the two of us (just a taste) and I popped a couple of pieces of bread in the toaster. Finished that off with a nice tall glass of mineral water with a squirt of lime juice.

I did bake dessert but nothing pretty enough to put on here. I threw together eight strawberry and blueberry tarts. I had individual aluminum pie containers in the freezer already filled with left-over pastry from all the quiches I have been making, and the fruit was in the fridge and needed to be used up. I added sugar to the fruit, filled the shells, putting a lattice on the top of each one with more left-over pastry, sprinkled just enough sugar on the crust and popped them in the oven. Real easy but as I was a bit blasé and didn't take much care in presentation, let's just say I didn't think it was photo-worthy as it looked a little too rustic. Tasted great though with a can of English Custard which I had bought a while back for just such an impromptu dessert. With the other tarts, now that they are cooked they can go back in the freezer and we will take them out when we feel like it. For the rest of the day we just 'grazed' as Gregg's Dad likes to say.

It's 12.14 a.m. and it's time to put the computer to bed for the night.

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