Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What I did today.

It was a good day. It started off with a call to my sister Bev and we had a nice long chat. Yesterday it was her birthday and I left her a singing 'Happy Birthday' and 'For She's A Jolly Good Fellow' on the answering machine. Probably drove Monty mad. He's their little West Highland Terrier and takes exception to high-pitched cat-like wailing coming out of thin air I'm sure. He often makes himself heard when his mommy is trying to have a chat with his aunty in America. For her birthday Bev and Noel went for a drive and a meal at her favorite Chinese restaurant.

I started the day with intentions of doing a whole lot of chores which included paying bills - so exciting. The phone rang and rescued me from these tasks that I so lovingly look forward to - you might have gathered I am being a little sarky. As I am drinking my coffee and treating myself to a couple of McVities Milk Chocolate Digestives, still trying to get motivated for what lies ahead, that's when I heard the phone. My rescuer was son Brad who had just returned from a trip to New England. He had gone to the Hasbro toy company headquarters with a friend, a very talented artist and illustrator who had hopes of getting some freelance work. It sounds like his trip was successful and Brad enjoyed the experience of looking around Hasbro.

Son was on his way to have lunch with Lisa but said he would like to swing by afterwards for a visit, and of course I was more than happy for him to do that. I enjoyed hearing all about his trip. Not long after we went out to run a few errands, combining our 'places-to-go' list.

In this order we went to :

The Bank

The Gas Station - we now have a TV that talks to us when we fill up our tank. Does it take our mind off the price of gas? Not really. Over $4.00 a gallon. I know there are places in the world where they pay a lot more and have been for many years but it is all new to us and we are still adjusting.

Toys-R-Us - Brad wanted to check out all the Hasbro stuff.



Bloom's Supermarket

I wanted to go into the World Market but by that time I had run out of gas myself. Do you know, they are selling bacon-flavored chocolate? Brad said Lisa had bought him some to try and he also said, "It sounds strange Mom but it tasted pretty good, they actually have bits of bacon in it." My first reaction was "Ewwwww" but I like to think I am pretty open minded so I was going to buy a bar and try some. Too tired now so it will have to wait.

Brad dropped me back home and I never did get back to those chores but there's always Friday. I will be in work tomorrow and I know I won't feel like doing them after being on my feet all day, so Friday sounds like a plan, unless the phone rescues me.

Okay, so I might have thought about doing something domestic but hey, what's that I hear? Why my goodness, let me put that broom down, it's the phone ringing again. This time it is my friend Hazel. We're getting together with the girls on Saturday for a movie and dinner afterwards. I am going to pick her up at 3.00 p.m. Our opera outings have finished for the summer but we decided we would still get together once a month. It's always good to hear from Hazel and by the time I put the phone down again, the motivation for turning into a domestic goddess had most definitely gone and hidden somewhere that I couldn't find.

The phone rang around seven and it was Gregg telling me he was on his way home from Washington DC. He was going to be late today as he was having dinner with clients but it hadn't gone on as long as he had thought and he was home by eight.

Ring-ring, there it is again only this time it was father-in-law Gully. Gregg had called him on his cell and had been cut off, so he called here thinking that Gregg was home already. Always good to hear from Gully and we chatted for a few minutes.

Almost forgot, there were two other ring-rings but they were marketing calls, and between those and the political messages all I can say is thank goodness for Caller ID. I know these dear people have a job to do. I used to answer them, always very polite but got a little tired of the hard sell and always telling them why I didn't want to buy their product, or why I should vote for this person or that person, and them arguing with me why I should. There can be so many of those kind of calls in a short space of time it gets pretty tiresome. With Caller ID I don't have to have my time wasted or waste theirs and they can get on to the next person. We did put our name on the 'no call' list. It worked for a while on some but not all. As I said, thank goodness for Caller ID.

I still had some spinach quiche left that I made two days ago. I had a slice of that for my dinner, along with a small dish of stewed tomatoes and an orange for dessert. As I am always trying to lose pounds, I thought it was a reasonable meal to have and not so bad in the taste department. Now I feel hungry but it's time for bed and I am so tired I shall be asleep soon and that will take care of that.

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