Friday, June 13, 2008

Washington DC - Brad's Photos

Coincidentally Brad called up this afternoon and told me he and one of his friends had decided to go into DC yesterday. He took photos so of course his mom grabbed them off his on line album to show here. A nice Clark Gable kind of pose son.

This lady has been demonstrating in front of the White House for many years.

In front of the Executive Building which is next to the White House. It was the old State Department, now used for the staff of the White House.

The Red Cross building.
Albert Einstein's statue, I remember you well. I fell against the step and put a dent in my shin bone that took a year to heal and I still feel that dent after all these years. Whenever we have driven by there has always been someone sitting in his lap having his photo taken. I have one myself. I don't think Albert minds somehow.
Brad and Matt
The Vietnam Wall.

The World War I Memorial

The World War II Memorial.

Brad standing in front of the North Dakota pillar, so that he can send the picture to his Grandfather who is from that State.

Matt is from Maine.
Brad with the Jefferson Memorial in the background. They walked all over that city yesterday. I think I would have been on my knees by now, or at least falling up Albert's statue.

Still at the Jefferson, with the Washington Monument in the background.

At the Air and Space Museum with Wilber and Orville Wright on the wall.
From the Wright Brothers to some space age art.
One of the Apollo space craft.

At the end of the day in DC, Brad on the Mall with The Capitol Building in the background.

Thanks son. I enjoyed my virtual walk with you around the city. Makes me want to go into DC this weekend, except that we will be enjoying our nephew's graduation in Williamsburg. Next weekend maybe.


  1. we've never been, but it looking interesting with plenty to do.....

  2. It's a lovely place to look around. We have been going to the city off and on for over 30 years. Always enjoyed it.