Saturday, June 28, 2008

Town Hall

The Police Department is located in the basement of the Town Hall.

I like to take pictures of police offices because I have mentioned in an earlier post that my Dad was on the Staffordshire Police Force for 30 years in England. I have a small collection of police memorabilia at home, his old police whistle and notebook, medals, an actual letter from a burglar he arrested, a man who wrote from prison thanking my Dad for treating him fairly, a bobby helmet which is not his but one I bought from a catalogue which advertised that they were actual bobby helmets for sale from the Manchester Police Force when they were going to the flat top hats instead of the pointed bobby helmets, and several bobby figurines. I love my bobby collection because of its connection to my Dad and I suppose my photos are an extension of that. It may sound corny to say so but I feel like I honor my Dad by taking these photos, and I also like to think I honor those who are in service now.

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