Saturday, June 28, 2008

To get to Occoquan we drove over the new bridge, new to us anyhow as the last time Gregg and I were here they had just begun to build it. Underneath they have done a wonderful job. I have never thought the undersides of any bridge I have ever seen as been particularly pretty, but this was my first thought. This is really pretty. They have also always made good use of the space underneath, even when it was the old bridge. There is a parking lot where your car can stay cool in the shade while you look around the town close by. It was very hot and muggy today. Too bad we didn't think of it before we parked across the street. We weren't very sure that the parking lot was still there but will know for next time.

We always enjoy walking down to the river's edge to see what kind of birds there are. We have seen Great Blue Heron's and White Egrets, and also the Canada Goose, lots of them of course and I am smiling because I love my Canada Goose. There were ducks too. This time Gregg spotted a bird on top of the nesting box in the middle of the river but we really couldn't make out what it was. It reminded me of the Osprey nests that we saw going over the bridge at The Outer Banks several years ago, but this nest was smaller and not the same shape. Gregg thought some kind of falcon or a hawk? I cropped my pictures below and they are pretty fuzzy and I am going to try identifying it, and when I do I will update the picture.

There were plenty of fisherman on the river and this one's boat slowly floated down towards the nesting bird....

.....which suddenly took off presumably to draw attention away from its nest? She was certainly beautiful in flight.

The fisherman seemed unaware of the excitement he had caused, totally focused on his fishing.

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