Monday, June 30, 2008

Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary

Brad came over this morning and we went to the Macaroni Grill for lunch. Gregg was going to try and come with us but it turned out to be an extra busy day for him and he couldn't get away. We missed him of course but we had a good time. The waiter was harried. He told us he was actually the bar man and that he was helping out as two or three people had called in sick. He apologized for taking so long to bring us our food, but if there was anyone who could understand what he was going through I could, and we told him not to hurry, that we were fine and enjoying our conversation. Oh how I understand!

Over the weekend Brad and Lisa went to Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary in Maryland. Lisa has a friend who volunteers there, and Lisa herself sponsors one of the animals. Brad shared the following photos with me from their visit.

Lisa feeding the goats carrots, which apparently they were eager to chomp down on.

That was fun!

But finally she ran out of carrots.
Goats have very interesting eyes don't they?
Found one more carrot.

This is a little lamb who only has three legs.

Onto the chickens.

Probably the last time Brad held a chicken was on the family homestead in North Dakota.

Here's the three-legged lamb again. He will be able to live out a happy life at the sanctuary, as will all the other animals.

I wondered about the mule here and the covering over his eyes. Brad said the material is a kind of gauze so that he can see and get around okay, while at the same time keeping his eyes free of flies. That's the extent of my knowledge on such things.

They enjoyed their time at the Sanctuary. I would like to visit it myself, maybe sponsor a few of the animals and even do some volunteer work there eventually.

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