Monday, June 9, 2008

Movie Theatre

This is the movie theatre we went to yesterday. There are several around but it is one of our favorites as we enjoy browsing through the shops in the area.

A young security guard, one of many we saw that day and a lot more than usual. The Fairfax Fair was nearby and there were signs saying that all those going to the fair were not allowed to park in the shopping area parking lots. It was within easy walking distance and would have been a good place to park, but I suppose they didn't want to get it too congested for people like us who were going to the movies, or potential customers who might have had to leave because they couldn't find a parking place as the day progressed.

Across the street from the movie theatre there is an area for parents to bring their children to play in spouts of water that shoot out of the ground. It was fun to watch and listen to the excited squeals as they waited for the expected jets of water, and the parents were able to relax and watch their children as they sat in the shade. We're having a heat wave - upper 90s today.

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