Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Leo's Birthday Party

On Sunday afternoon we were invited to Leo's birthday party. Leo is our son's future father-in-law and he is the gentleman tending the barbecue where he cooked us all the most delicious hamburgers and brattwurst. The couple in the foreground are Lisa's younger brother John and his girlfriend Kenzie.

Here are Lisa and Brad.
Left to right: Lisa's Mom, Dottie, then me and then Gregg.

Left to right: Kenzie, John, Lisa and Brad.

And these adorable babes are Lisa's niece and nephew, the son and daughter of Lisa's older brother. I need to do a better job of taking photographs next time we all get together as I didn't get everyone's picture.

We had a great time, enjoyed getting to know Lisa's family and meeting many of their friends. Such a nice family our son is marrying into. We are blessed.

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