Monday, June 16, 2008

Jay-Boy, The Talkative Myna Bird

Meet Jay-Boy, the new friend I met at Lowery's Seafood Restaurant in Tappahannock, Virginia. Gregg said he and his family used to stop there when he was a little boy and when we mentioned Jay-Boy to Gregg's Dad, we were told they had a talking bird back then too.

Tappahannock got its name from the Algonquian language word lappihanne (also noted as toppehannock), meaning "Town on the rise and fall of water" or "where the tide ebbs and flows."
I loved meeting Jay-Boy. He was such a lovely bird but I couldn't help wish he had his freedom and didn't have to live his life in a cage. Years ago when I was a little girl we had a budgie called Kim. I remember asking Dad why did she have to live in a cage, and my Dad's reply was that she wouldn't live very long if we set her free, so perhaps it would be the same for Jay-Boy and he is safer where he is.

We used to let Kim out of her cage once in a while and she was able to spread her wings and fly around. We had to lock our cat Binkey out of the room first, of course. One memory I have of their tenuous relationship was when the cat jumped at the cage and knocked it over, gave the poor bird an awful fright, and us. Binkey was given a good talking to about that incident and as far as I remember it never happened again. We made sure he was never left alone with the bird.

Hopefully Jay-Boy gets a chance to spread his wings once in a while.

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