Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Brad's Bike Ride

Yesterday Brad decided to go for a ride. All these photos are taken by him.

Yeahhhhh, he is wearing his bike helmet. Mom is overjoyed!

His route took him passed one of the high schools in the area. Outside there is an old maintenance shed and the school allows students to paint graffiti on it, usually of current events.

I was at work and so was his Dad, but it was around noon and they got together for lunch. Here is Gregg going for a spin.

This is Brad's old high school.

I can't believe that son of ours rode all the way to our house, a distance of over 12 miles, and no one there to greet him or offer him a glass of lemonade? Well, maybe he let himself in and at least got a glass of water.

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