Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Blue Arbor Cafe

Today when we started out we had no idea we would be stopping off in Occoquan. We were on our way to Mason Neck Park but it was around lunch time when we realized we would be driving past the town, and as it is an easy detour we decided to stop off and get a bite to eat before we went on our way. We popped into a restaurant along the river, a nice place but large and rather crowded. If we sat outside we could be seated right away but if we wanted to stay with the air-conditioning inside we would have to wait for 15 to 2o minutes. As we wanted to be back on the road relatively quickly we thought better of it and it was too humid for me to sit outside. Gregg can take that but I can't. He's a Virginia boy by birth and I'm an English girl, what more can I say? I had The Blue Arbor in my mind from a previous trip when sister Bev visited, though I couldn't remember its name. I barely remembered its location but it's not a big town and I knew it was on the main street. It wasn't long before we were seating ourselves. I am so glad we did as I absolutely loved this place and so did Gregg.

Our waitress was warm and friendly and our lunch was delicious. Gregg ordered the Not A Reubin Sandwich and I had the Portobello Sandwich. We each chose the Raspberry Vinaigrette Coleslaw for a side.

Our surroundings were very pleasant.

By the time we finished lunch we had decided to walk through Occoquan and forego our trip to Mason Neck. We're going to leave that for another time.

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