Friday, May 2, 2008


Gregg and I went out for lunch to Red Robin. We each had a burger but decided to give those a rest for a while and will eat light tonight, or 'graze' as Gregg's Dad puts it. I love that expression. Last night we ate totally vegan and are going to try putting a lot more of those into our meal plan. We ate pretty light and shared everything, a soup I bought from the 'good for you' aisle at the supermarket last time I went shopping - a vegan Pad Thai soup that was surprisingly better than we thought and quite tasty, an avocado with some Worcestershire Sauce, and then had a small bowl of that lime jello I made for Gregg a couple of days ago.

I picked Gregg up and dropped him off after lunch, but it wasn't too long before the phone rang and he was saying he was on the way home. It is so quiet there these days. Most people seem to be working from home, which is encouraged, especially when they aren't traveling. No one at his company has their own office any more and people 'sign in' for a space if they do go in. With the Internet and conference calls most of them can do that from under their own roof. When you think of it, it cuts down on gas and traffic. There are pro's and con's of course but right now we're concentrating on the pro's. So here he is on one couch and I am on the other, both on our laptops. He is working and I am writing my blog and thinking about our Christmas holiday.

I found some old postcards from Hawaii. I am going to scan them and put them on here when I have the time. I am trying to motivate myself as I have to go into work tonight. We are having a six o'clock meeting.

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