Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday - 8.50 p.m.

A postcard found while browsing through a photo album. Some friends sent it to us years ago on a trip to England. I like it a lot.
Nothing too exciting today but we always seem to have a good time. Even the simplest things are enjoyable. Gregg wanted to get a bagel for breakfast. We drove five minutes up the road to our local shopping strip, went into our favorite bagel place and ordered their egg, bacon and cheese. Always delicious and even tastier than usual because we were both hungry. I think we got there around eleven-thirty.
We usually go to the dry-cleaners on a Saturday. After dropping Gregg's clothes off we headed for a lake we haven't been to in a couple of years, a man-made one surrounded by shops and condos. You wouldn't think we would be drawn to anything quite so built up, but they usually have lots of ducks and geese swimming around and it is an attractive area. We took a wrong turn making a big loop, ending up where we started off. Never mind, it was a lovely drive through Oakton and even though we didn't find our lake or take any photos, it was a nice trip. By that time we were ready for a treat and stopped off at Dairy Queen for a small ice-cream. A hot day, in the low 80's.

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