Monday, May 12, 2008

A rainy day in Virginia

My goodness, we are getting a very large dose of liquid sunshine. And we had a surprise last night when Brad went into the basement to pick up some of his old books. We had a mini flood down there, surprisingly not due to the rain but to a leaky regulator valve. The carpet was soaked and a few books he had left in piles on the floor had been ruined. All in all it could have been much worse. We might not have discovered it for a few more days, as now that son is out of the basement there is no need to go downstairs that often. He still has quite a lot of things he needs to pick up but that's about it. He came over today for a few hours, just to hang out on his day off. We went for a ride having a few errands to run and came back home for the plumber. Gregg has just answered the door to him and we are leaving him to it. This rain is keeping him very busy; lots of flooded basements to take care of but the ducks must be loving this weather.

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