Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Polar Bears at Sea World in San Diego

We used to live in San Diego way back when, and in the late 90's after we had moved to Virginia, we went back for a visit. One of our favorite places to go to was Sea World. Brad found the photo album of our trip last Monday, and he asked me if I would scan the photos and send them to him. He knows I am going through all our albums and putting everything on our portable hard drive. He also knows it will take a while for me to get through them all, but I told him I would put this particular album on the top of my list. I started with the polar bears. That day they were very active and we thoroughly enjoyed their underwater antics. Brad took all the photos seen here.

We moved to San Diego when Brad was ten years' old. Gregg was still in the navy and on his very first day at his new job he dropped us off at Sea World. We arranged to meet him at the end of the day. It was the first time we had been there and the day was magical, the time just flew by. We saw the Shamu show, the dolphin show, walked through the penguin exhibit, so many things that first time and we couldn't wait to share our day with Gregg. We told him all about it on the ride home and it wasn't long afterwards that the three of us went back. Great memories.

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