Friday, May 30, 2008

Nanny Howell

Nanny Howell - Elsie May - my Mother's mother. We often visited her, Mom, my sister Bev and I. We caught three buses to get to her house and walked through a park. It seemed a pretty long journey to us. Occasionally my Uncle Derek, Mom's youngest brother, would come and pick us up on his motorbike, which had a side car. Mom always rode on the back of the bike and us girls would ride in the side car. Now that was an exciting ride!

This is My Uncle Derek with sister Bev.


  1. I love the old photo's. They are indeed precious.

    I had a question, why the unusual spelling for your Granddad?

  2. Hello again, well, I don't really know why both the two grandfathers were called 'Nandad'. When I was growing up I thought everyone's grandfather was called nandad. It was just a name we used in our family and I wish I could answer your question a little better than that :)))))