Friday, May 30, 2008

Nandad Goodall

I believe I mentioned earlier that my Father's father - Thomas Charles - was a blacksmith at the Sunbeam Motorcar Factory in Wolverhampton. I think this photo was taken for a newspaper on his retirement, probably in the late 1950's. He is standing on the left-hand side. Nandad passed away when I was eleven. My father described him as very 'Victorian' and I found him a little scary at times. I was a very active, all-over-the -place kind of child and Nandad thought that children should be seen and most definitely not heard. On one occasion I had done something he disapproved of, and I remember my beloved Nanny Goodall's soothing voice saying to him, "Now Tom, she is only a child." I often think how nice it would have been to know him as an adult, to let him know that I turned out okay and to reassure him that what he perceived as a naughty little child turned into a pretty straight arrow kind of adult, with a few Victorian ideas of her own.

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