Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Monks Of New Skete, "How To Be Your Dog's Best Friend"

What does our Saturday have to do with Monks you might ask? Gregg and I did our normal errand running, but to this we added the post office, the card shop and the book store.

Tomorrow we are going to a friend's 80th birthday party and so I bought a card and two books which I hope he will like. I asked his wife if she had any ideas and she thought for a while. She mentioned that even though he had never owned a German Shepherd, he liked them very much and that he had read a book a while back written by monks and that there was a new one. I had never heard of them, these Monks of New Skete but when I phoned her from the book store with three titles in my hands, she told me to get "How To Be Your Dog's Best Friend." and on the front are three monks standing in a field, with three German Shepherds running towards the camera. I hope he likes it.I also bought him another book. He has a dry humor and I saw "Leadership: Oliphant Cartoons and Sculpture from the Bush Years."
This is supposed to be a surprise party and as another friend had her birthday today, she decided to give 'herself' a birthday party tomorrow. This is the ruse given to get our friend out of the house. It really is good of her to share her birthday weekend. I bought her two gifts from the books store. "The Opera Companion" by George Martin and an audio book "Every Living Thing" by James Herriott, which is described as a warm and joyful sequel to "The Lord God Made Them All." Having been a great fan of the TV series "All Creatures Great and Small" and this lady being from that part of the world, I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will enjoy her gift also.

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