Saturday, May 24, 2008

Last stop, Giant Supermarket

We wanted to stop off at the grocery on the way back, something we often do on one of our trips out. This time it was for a loaf of bread for a chicken sandwich supper - courtesy of our meal from yesterday. I always enjoy looking at the produce section. They do a very nice display and the freshness and the colors of their fruits and vegetables are always very inviting.

We ended up buying more than just a loaf of bread, as often happens. No vegetables today as we have more than enough at home.

These are interesting don't you think? Simply called, "Ugly Tomatoes". I don't think they look ugly at all, just very interesting. We didn't buy them today and bought our usual vine-ripened ones.


  1. Great tomatoes. The supermarket reminds me of the Safeway in our hometown. We may go to a large supermarket tomorrow as we are going to the regional centre, 1 1/2 hours away. That is where the large supermarkets are for us. We decided to buy some Fluff spread. Our little girl doesn't remember it.

  2. Tomatoes are my all time favorite. I hope you had a successful trip to the supermarket.