Thursday, May 29, 2008

Brad and Lisa bought bicycles!

Brad sent these photos today. He and Lisa bought bikes. First question out of Mom's mouth was, "Brad, did you er, did you buy, er....." "Yes, Mom, we both bought helmets." Big sigh of relief from me. Yep, there are the bike helmets. You never stop worrying about your kids do you, no matter how old they get? So people tell me anyhow and I whole-heartedly believe them. I will be in my rocking chair still worrying, rocking and worrying, rocking and worrying. I am understandibly a little nervous. The last time Brad was on a bike was a few years ago. His old bike is still in our garage, and still a little beat up. He was going to get it repaired but never got around to it. Just as well, I think it would have taken more money than it was worth. The last time he rode it he went over the handlebars and fractured both his arms. I had gotten onto him about buying a helmet back then, turned into a bit of a nagger about it and I do think he would have gotten one, but it was taken out of my hands. I remember calling Gregg and was shocked to find they were both at the emergency clinic. I was at work at the time and had called Gregg about something, only to find that Brad had called his Dad - thank God for cell phones - telling him he thought he had broken both his arms but somehow had managed to use his cell phone to call his Dad - and Gregg drove over to pick him up about four miles away from home. One of his elbows still pops occasionally, I watch as he stretches it out, "pop", he looks at me and smiles, and I role my eyes.

Don't they look happy? They had a great day riding around, rode all over the place.

Lisa looks real pretty riding her bike. What a great smile.

One more Brad story and the tale of another bike, going back several years when we were still living in California. Do you remember PeeWee's Big Adventure? I certainly do. I had taken Brad to see it and there was a scene where PeeWee had done some wheely escapade on his bike. Doing the motherly thing I remember saying, "Now this is just a movie, you can't do anything like that in real life. A person could get seriously hurt!" Brad was about 11 or thereabouts. I guess he didn't believe me because the same afternoon I heard screaming. He tried the same stunt in the cul-de-sac and had flipped over those handlebars, landing on a nice sharp rock which neatly sliced him under his chin. I remember that trip to the doctor too. Yep, rocking and worrying, rocking and worrying.
On the upside, no you can't wrap your kids in a bubble and I do have wonderful memories of when Gregg and I bought bikes when we were first married. We rode all over Washington DC, to all the monuments, along the C & O Canal, through Georgetown, finding every bike path that we could and riding miles, having the greatest time. I wish Brad and Lisa the same kind of fun that we had. Come to think of it, we didn't have bike helmets back then, but I certainly am not going to tell Brad that, as I sure am glad they are smarter than we were.
Wishing you safe and happy trails Brad and Lisa and the building of wonderful memories, and please keep your bike helmets on. I love you guys.

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