Friday, April 25, 2008


Yesterday I was in my kitchen for several hours. I was unable to go into work this week because of my sprain, but I promised that I would make my weekly batch of soup, quiches, chicken salad and shortbread. Gregg - being the wonderful guy that he is - offered to take everything in for me this morning. I told him he is one in a million.

The day passed quickly but my foot was pretty sore by the time I put the last dish away. I guess I won’t be walking on my treadmill for a few more days, or going to any of the parks we enjoy. This time of the year they are calling to us. We both like getting out on the weekend, sometimes to places we haven’t seen before and other times we go to favorite spots discovered long ago and where we never get tired of retracing our steps.

Considering I haven’t been out of the house all week I don’t think I have been bored once. There was always something to do to keep me occupied. I am looking forward to going to the opera with my friends tomorrow. I told them that I am able to walk short distances. From the car to the theatre seat, from the theatre seat to the car and from the car to the restaurant should be no problem. Gregg will drop me off and as the restaurant everyone likes is only ten minutes away from home, he will pick me up.

We are seeing Donizetti's La Fille du Régiment. The opera isn’t a live performance in that we see real people on our local stage, rather a live performance being filmed from the Met. We see them on a movie screen just like a movie, not quite the same as seeing them in the flesh but still an enjoyable experience. At intermissions singers and stage directors are interviewed. We go once a month and this is the fifth time.

For any opera lovers out there YouTube has an excerpt here

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