Friday, April 18, 2008

With lens cover and filter in hand, Gregg asked me where I would like to eat and I told him that he should decide. We went to Pho Today, a small Vietnamese restaurant on Lee Highway, a place our family has been going to off and on for ages. It was more Gregg and Brad's place than mine, a favorite father/son hang out which worked out well for me. I would send them off quite happily and it would give me a chance to catch up on the things I needed to do, and there are times when I do enjoy my own company, it was a chance to collect my thoughts. I think it was because I hadn't been there in a long time that I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. We both shared a plate of egg rolls and each had a small bowl of soup consisting of a delicious broth full of noodles, sliced onions and thinly sliced beef. On another plate bean sprouts and sweet basil, wedges of lime and hot peppers. We are never brave enough to try the hot peppers but mix everything else into our bowl. To top it off we add Hoisin Sauce and a Hot Sauce. Gregg piles that stuff on but I use it sparingly. It is such a pretty dish and I'm sorry I didn't think to take a picture of it.

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