Sunday, April 13, 2008

Brad came over today with Lisa and we all went out to lunch at The Olive Garden. We arranged this yesterday when he called. He tells us about his day in our phone conversations. He works at a large bookstore and it is very convenient because his apartment is only five minutes away.

He told a cute story that I thought I would share. In the morning he was called to the front and one of the cash tellers told him there was a young man who wanted to talk to him, When he saw him he could only have been about 12. He asked Brad if he knew where he could get a cheap tie. A bit surprised Brad said, "Who told you to ask for me?" and he said one of the ladies in the back of the store had said, go ask for Brad, he is always wearing cheap ties, he should be able to tell you where to get one.

Brad's first thought was what the heck, I don't wear cheap ties. Turned out that this young man was visiting with his school from West Virginia. He was there with his teacher and fellow students, and they were heading to Washington to see their Congressman and were being given a tour of the Capitol Building. Everyone else had bought a tie with them and he was upset when he found out, and worried that he would be the odd one out.

Brad told him there really wasn't a place nearby where he could buy one, and then got an idea and asked him how long he was going to be in the store, could he hang around for 15 minutes or so. The young boy asked his teacher and was told yes they could wait, and so Brad went back to his apartment, got one of his old ties, brought it back to the store and gave it to the young boy, telling him he didn't have to worry about returning it as he had plenty more.

Then the young boy said, "I don't know how to tie a tie, can you help me?" so there they were standing in the middle of the store with Brad giving him a lesson on how to tie a tie. The boy went away with a big smile on his face and he couldn't thank him enough as he went off to find his teacher and the rest of the group. \

Brad was still thinking to himself, "I don't wear cheap ties!" His taste in ties runs to comic hero's and pink pigs flying by, but his Mom has slipped one in there for special occasions, so he was able to give him the most conservative one that he had, and it would allow him to be photographed in the Congressman's office and not feel like the odd man out. I hope he had a great time and me? I was so proud of our son for doing such a kindness. He is a great kid and he makes us very proud.

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