Saturday, April 19, 2008

Classic Car Show in Sperryville, Virginia

We had to cut our trip short here today. After hiking all over Big Meadow without incident, I managed to find a gopher hole to twist my ankle in and now have a bad sprain. I am on the couch with my foot propped up on four pillows. At least I managed a few shots before it happened.

We noticed all these great looking cars and trucks as we drove through Sperryville but were anxious to get to Big Meadow as early as possible. We knew the deer would be disappearing into the woods. Around noon we were back and parking our car ready to take a lot of photos for Gregg's Dad who is a classic car enthusiast. Gregg saw a 1940 Ford he knew his Dad would enjoy seeing as it was always one of his favorites. Behind it was an old British Riley and MG and I was interested in those. Very nice people owned them and small world story, they know of the place I work which started out originally as a British car garage. The owner's wife helped in the office. Customers would come in and ask why didn't they sell British foods, and eventually when space became available next door she opened up a British Gift/Food Shop. A few years later she extended it to a dining area. After 12 years they had to move and set up shop in a new building three minutes up the road. Sadly the garage had to go but the gift shop/tea room stayed. The couple we met here had work done on their car on a regular basis before the garage closed down.

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