Monday, April 14, 2008

Manassas Battlefield

This is a picture of what is called The Stone House, which can be found in the middle of the Battlefield. It was once a tavern and during the Civil War was used as a hospital. You can see some old cannon balls lodged in the walls.

Gregg had called earlier to let me know that he was coming home early and, "It's a real pretty evening, let's go for a ride, go for a walk, take some photographs or something." When I heard this over the phone he was already on his way and I probably didn't sound as enthusiastic as I should have about the excursion. Reason being, all my mixing bowls were taking up space on the breakfast bar, flour dust all over the place and very large circles of dough in left-over spaces. I was in the middle of preparing to bake a few things to take into work tomorrow. I am baking so much lately I even had a dream about it a week ago, doing just as I had been a little earlier except in my dream I was rolling dough out like a mad woman. Gregg always has good ideas and I trust his instincts, so even though I sounded like I didn't want to at first, as I looked around and thought about it some more, by the time he got home 15 minutes later I knew it was a great idea and I was already searching for my shoes. It won't hurt if I don't take anything in tomorrow, I can finish them off on Wednesday, take them in on Thursday if I have to, and I have a great head start. With all these justifications swirling around in my head, off we went to the Manassas Battlefield, about 15 minutes from our home.

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