Sunday, April 27, 2008

Longhorns in Virginia

Gregg and I went on one of our Sunday rides. Foot still swollen and not up to walking too far, so when we came across a field of longhorn cattle I took this photo from the car window. Probably a good idea, not sure how these cattle react to going up to the fence and those horns have a pretty long reach. City girl talking here!!!!


  1. I think they are the longest horns I've ever seen.

    My husband used to search through old papers in the library. One day he found an article that we think was about my great uncle when he was a child who was gored by a cow. Luckily he lived to be an old man, and I didn't notice any marks on his face.

  2. Yes they certainly are. I only ever saw this type of cow in pictures and they were usually in Texas, but then on our road trips this is the second place in Northern Virginia where we found this type of cow. Interesting to hear about your great uncle and I am glad he lived a good long life.