Sunday, April 20, 2008

I won't be going anywhere today!

Darn that gopher/rabbit hole, whatever it was. My ankle is swollen and I have tingling in my toes. Off to the doctor's in the morning to get it x-rayed. That is the plan anyhow because Gregg is going to drive me first thing before he goes to work. If it feels better tomorrow I might get out of going. I have heard people talk about the white-coat syndrome. My blood pressure goes through the roof when I walk through the doors. Nothing has changed since I was a little girl when I had a run-in with a dog bite and ended up with toxemia poisoning. I was nine so note what a long memory I have for these things. I do have a long memory, a blessing for me and a curse for Gregg - yes I am joking..........sort of and Gregg is wearing that all-knowing smile of his. I keep telling him it is a girl-thing. I have cancelled out on a party he and I were going to this afternoon. My good friend Carol invited us over tonight along with a few other friends, but there's no way I can attend. I called her to let her know. She said she would work for me on Tuesday, bless her.

We saw Brad this morning. When he has to go into work on a weekend we sometimes meet up at a restaurant near his apartment. Gregg explained about my foot and asked him to come over and he would cook breakfast for him. While he was here I called my sister Bev so that they could have a talk. He also chatted with his cousin Hanna. I had a chat with my brother-in-law Noel. He told me what happened to him yesterday. He said he was driving along at about 45-50 km when he noticed movement next to the passenger side window. It was a hawk flying at the same speed, carrying something in his talons, and said he had probably just taken off after capturing its prey. Can you imagine driving along and having that happen to you? That doesn't happen too often.

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