Saturday, April 19, 2008

I am one happy camper to have been able to find this many deer who pose so willingly and that's one of the reasons we come up to Big Meadow. It could be they are too busy munching on those grasses and are used to photographers, realizing we mean them no harm. They are protected here. I tend to talk to them occasionally, their ears pick up and while keeping a curious eye on me they get back to munching. Every now and again one of them will look at me head on and what a joy that is while I quickly get off a few shots. The only time I disturbed one group was when I accidentally stepped on a fallen branch which snapped like a firecracker, startling them. I thought they were going to take off and was mad at myself for being so careless, but they stopped in their tracks and stayed in almost the same spot. I felt I had been given a gift and I watched where I was treading from then on, that is until 'Alice' went down the rabbit hole and twisted her ankle.

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