Friday, April 18, 2008

How I love the Grizzly Bear

I think I must have picked this postcard up on our trip to Yellowstone last September. We went on a three thousand mile road trip, landing in Las Vegas and driving a loop up to the Grand Teton and Yellowstone, driving south to the Grand Canyon and flying out from our starting point two weeks' later. Gregg and I said it was one of the most memorable and enjoyable trips we ever went on. I have tons of photos. I vividly remember meeting someone on the way and when he knew where we were heading, he smiled and told us to be prepared to take hundreds of photos, which we did. We saw no bears on that trip to Yellowstone but there were many other animals and it was exciting to see them in their natural habitat. We're going back one day most definitely. What reminded me of our trip is a show on Animal Planet, about Grizzly Bears in Yellowstone. I was off to bed but couldn't pass the opportunity of learning more about these magnificent animals and the challenges they face, caused mostly by us two-legged animals. I hope we can all learn to behave more responsibly when we have the good fortune to visit our National Parks, and we can start by not feeding them. They get too habituated to humans because of it, and then become a danger to anyone they come into contact with. It might not seem much but it is a small start in helping to keep the Grizzly and others around long enough for all our future generations to enjoy. The world would be a much sorrier place without them.

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