Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Conversation between Gregg and Brad this morning.

Gregg: "Hi son, how's things goin'?"

Brad: "Good Dad, how are you?"

Gregg: "Great thanks, what are you doing now?"

Brad: "Drinking a milkshake on the way to the gym. Figured I'd work it off.....aghhhhhhh", followed by a great deal of chuntering and a few expletives."

Dad: "What happened?"

Brad: "The bottom of the cup fell out and my milkshake is in my lap!"

Dad: "Oh! Well, after you clean yourself up get yourself another milkshake and have a great day."

Gregg hangs up and tells Denise all this when he gets home.

Denise thinks: That's why you don't talk on the ruddy phone when you're driving and drinking a milkshake! Well, I am the mother and that's what mother's do. Don't care how old our kids get, we'll always be there to remind them that safety comes first, it's their curse. Coming over soon Brad? Yes I am smiling! I hope you are too because your mother loves you and won't say any more because I know you are going to be reading your mother's ramblings before you get here. Of course talks cheap, safety comes first? Didn't 'Alice' just put her foot down a rabbit hole while she was too busy taking photos of cars and not looking where she was stepping?


  1. Update - Hi son. How did the milkshake clean up go. Find dad. I wiped it up and bought an air freshner. Oh - how about some Resolve? Sure dad.

  2. Above is a follow-on conversation between Gregg and Brad today. Hey Gregg, first comment you made on my blog. Yayyyyy!!!!!!!