Friday, April 18, 2008

Coffee With An Old Friend

I was getting drowsy this evening and within moments of dropping off on the couch when the phone rang. It was an old friend who lives in the neighborhood. Our sons were friends back in elementary school. We tend to let too much time go by before seeing each other and it has been several months since we got together, but when we do we always enjoy catching up. Barbara asked if I would like to meet her at our local Panera Bread where we had a cup of coffee. She brought lots of photos of her children. She has four of them, two boys who are serving in the Army and are in Iraq, and two girls, one who has just graduated from college and another who is graduating from high school this year. Her boys will be coming home in a month's time. We talked solidly for two hours but finally when it was almost ten o'clock, we knew it was time to call it a night. We left each other in the parking lot promising that we wouldn't let so much time go by before meeting again, that we should get together at least once a month.

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