Sunday, April 27, 2008

Canada Goose on top of Macy's Roof

I am badly in need of a pair of shoes. Every pair that I have right now causes pain, so on Saturday Kathy told me that Easy Spirit had moved back into the mall and as I know these people carry wide fittings, Gregg said we should go there first before we started out on our Sunday ride. I picked four pair that I liked, on every pair the right shoe fitted great but the left one was still too tight. That's when I spotted the slippers that look like a little ballerina pump. I bought them and that's what I will be changing into once I get to work on Tuesday and to hang if anyone asks me "Why on earth are you wearing your slippers?"
And now for the glorious Canada Goose. Okay, some people don't like them and think they are pests, but personally I love them. They are another bird that makes me laugh with their 'attitude'. Yes but they make such a mess I hear them say. Good grief you know who makes a worse mess? People, people! You only have to look at the garbage left behind at traffic lights and that's just the tip of the iceburg. When it comes to that kind of mess give me a Canada Goose any day, they are feisty and their antics make me laugh.
When I spotted this one on the top of Macy's Roof I had to take a picture, like I take a picture of any Canada Goose I come across.

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