Saturday, April 5, 2008

A bio of sorts......redone on Friday, June 27th, 2014

This blog is first and foremost a gift for our son. Gregg and I had often said how much we would have loved to know more about our own parents’ lives, from the most important events down to the trivial ones. At this age - Gregg is 67 and I am 64 - we realize that even those trivial tales are just as important now that our parents are no longer with us.

I quickly add that we are still blessed with Gregg’s father who thankfully is fit and healthy at the age of 93, but Gregg's Mom passed away, as did both my parents.   My sister is also gone taken long before her time.  

Gregg encourages me throughout this blog, even offering ideas at times, as we both wanted our son to have some kind of recorded history of our every-day lives, which include the memories that pop up every now and again. I also share Gregg's photos more and more as we both have a fondness for this shared hobby.

The blog has evolved somewhat as it has also become a way for our family and friends to see what we have been doing when we get behind in our letter-writing, and who could have imagined that we would meet so many lovely people from around the world.  It has opened up our eyes and expanded our knowledge as we learn about other cultures everywhere.

It has also gotten pretty eclectic as I share anything and everything, whatever I see that I feel needs a photo taken to preserve that moment in time, whatever pops into my head.  It is a window into what I enjoy in life, my family, my friends and my never-ending love of wildlife and nature in general.

On Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008, after living in America for 33 years, I became a US Citizen. This is a link to that day if you would like to read about it.  You would be correct in thinking that, "she doesn't rush into things". I never have, always being considered overly cautious in just about everything I do, until the day I met my future husband that is. That day I knew I had met my soul-mate. I still have a great love for the land of my birth, but I have also grown to love my adopted country.

My journey began in 1975 when I met and married Gregg, who at the time was in the US Navy and on an exchange tour with the Royal Navy.

I was born in the Midlands in the town of Smethwick, and we moved to Wednesbury when I was five years of age (just as a matter of interest, Smethwick is pronounced Smethick and Wednesbury is pronounced Wensbury). When my father retired as a Detective Inspector with the CID, after 30 years on the Staffordshire Police Force, we moved to a small village in South Devon.  I was 15 years' old.

Ten years later Gregg, to this day still my soul mate and best friend, literally sailed into my life when his ship dropped anchor in the middle of Torbay.  Four years later we were blessed with our son.

An exciting event took place back in 2009, when our son married the love of his life.  She is a beautiful young lady whom we adore.  A dear, sweet daughter-in-law whom we love like our own daughter.  They have just celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary.

Coincidentally at about the same time, my father-in-law had a second chance at happiness when he found a wonderful lady who took his heart and who became his wife.  When we welcomed her into our family, we also welcome her son. 

Gregg retired in July 2013 and we look forward to doing a lot of traveling in the years ahead.  We both enjoy road-tripping when we get the opportunity, be it on a long journey or a short one.  We can hardly believe that this stage of our lives has started, a new adventure begins, one we are looking forward to very much.

For a further read of how Gregg and I met where I go into a lot more detail (yes this is the short version) here and here.

Updated 6-27-14.


Inday said...

First of all, I am fascinated by what Gregg said, "you can take an English girl out of England but you can never take England out of the girl." haha. Isn't that cute? I know I have read this several times before as part of your About Me and am still enjoying, smiling and laughing on some very very interesting and funny thoughts. Very deeply moving. English people are known for their best writing prowess. Think of Shakespeare alone and many more! Long live the Queen! Love you Denise!

Silving said...

Lovely story! You seem to live a fairytale,I mean, you seem to be one of those people satisfied with their lives and living it fully,it's nice when that happens! All the best to you both and your family!

Joyful said...

Lovely way to keep a record for your son and his family.

Barbara said...

Interesting read. I married a seaman too, but met him at his Mother's house!!

Christa atCedarmereFarm said...

What a great way to keep a journal for your son. In a way, by doing this, you guys will live your lives more fully and with intention. Have fun. I look forward to following you on your various adventures.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I just read your shared history Denise and found it fascinating. What a lovely gift (your blog) to your son and to readers like me. thanks

Sandra said...

this is a great story. a story book story