Sunday, April 20, 2008

Big Meadows, Skyline Drive, Virginia

Gregg and I make our way to Big Meadows at least two or three times a year. It is a lovely drive which takes about an hour-and-fifteen minutes from home, roughly 80 miles. There is a large deer population but last time it was too late in the day, there were none to be found and we didn’t have time to wait until the evening. Deer or no deer, it is well worth the trip as you get a great walk and the scenery is beautiful. Today we were in luck and before our hike was over we had counted 20, coming across the first three in a thicket of trees. We always stay our recommended 25 feet away so as not to crowd them, but often if you find a nice flat rock to sit on, they will come even closer on their way to their next munch of tasty grass. Big Meadows Lodge is nearby and we stayed there for a weekend a couple of years’ ago, and intend to go back in a few weeks when the fawns arrive. We have talked to people who have seen bear. That is an experience we have never had, one day hopefully. You can read more here at Wikipedia:


  1. I can relate to the view. I often wonder how the views can be so much the same when our hills are covered with eucalyptus. Though I think yours look a very slightly different colour, not sure.

    When we go to a bigger town we can see some about 1/2 hour from here. last time I saw two deer with my girls in the car. They are sambar from India. They are wild.

  2. These are called the Blue Ridge Mountains. No eucalyptus grow here, lots of pine trees and others. I found info on Wikipedia

    How interesting that you have Indian deer.