Monday, April 14, 2008

Aunt Dorothy, Dad's oldest sister.

Aunty Dorothy is my father's older sister and is holding her first born John. There are two other children, David and Rosalind. Aunt Dorothy was married to Uncle William who was a very nice man with a warm, friendly smile and good sense of humor. Dad considered him a good friend and always had a lot of respect for him. Bev and I often visited them on a weekend and sometimes were taken on a picnic. I remember on one occasion we came across a flock of snowy white geese at the edge of a lake. One took a liking to the sandwich I was eating. He chased after me and like any five year old might, I ran off screaming blue bloody murder, with the white goose chasing after me pecking at my legs. I still remember how painful those nips were. I didn't think of throwing the sandwich down on the ground, which is obviously what it wanted in the first place. Or perhaps he was fed up of being chased around the lake by energetic five year olds, not that I did any chasing. I bore no malice and still love all geese that I come across, though I am very careful how I approach them and never have a sandwich in my hand.

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