Wednesday, April 16, 2008

8.40 p.m. and catching up on my blog.

I intended to write every day but I guess skipping a day here and there is okay. Yesterday I went into work. It was a long day and busy, busy, busy but I had fun. All the customers who came in were super nice. We get a cross-section of people and they can come from all over. For instance in the late afternoon we had two ladies and a small baby. They were German, a young woman in her 20s holding her ten month old daughter, and the babies grandmother. I think grandmother was my age or maybe a little younger. Mother and daughter were very glamorous in an understated way, very chic, and the little baby was dressed adorably. They were super nice and came in at the end of the day when they were the only ones in the place. I recognized them from a previous visit. The mother is visiting daughter and granddaughter. I thought she would be on her way back home by now and was glad to see they were having a nice long visit. I left not too long after they did and got home at around six o'clock.

When I got home Gregg was just finishing up the taxes. Wow, how fast that year has rolled around. We dropped them off at the post office by 8.30 p.m. And then we went to the supermarket to pick up a few items so that I wouldn't have to go out early this morning. I put my blinders on when I went passed the coffee bar that time of night. They renovated the place not so long ago and when they reopened there it was. I was delighted. If I go in during the day it is usually the first place I stop, and then I can shop and drink as I go along. Those people knew what they were doing. I often see shoppers with coffee in hand, taking a sip, picking up a grocery, taking a sip, taking a sip, more groceries, another sip. Takes much longer to get around the store, more time to spy something you don't really need and wouldn't have seen if you weren't taking so long to shop, being slowed down by that coffee, sip, sip, sip.

Today has been a baking day. I made four quiches, a huge pot of soup, a big batch of chicken salad and I have cookie dough all ready to roll and cut out into teapot shapes, and little flower shapes as friend Gail found these cute little cookie cutters on her last shopping trip and gave them to me last week. This is the lady I work with on my two days. She is always finding cute things to give me to brighten my day. Yesterday she presented me with a miniature book with English recipes and a box of Weetabix. Her brother visited recently and I made her two quiches to take home. It is an enjoyable friendship and considering we have been working together for four years, in a sometimes very stressful environment, we continue to be each other's good friend and sounding board on life in general, and during the ups and downs have reminded each other to give ourselves a good pat on the back when needed.

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