Saturday, October 25, 2014


You can find all kinds of beautiful flowers on the TODAY'S FLOWERS home page here.

My photos were found in Manassas Virginia, all except the one below of the beautiful leaves tinged in gold.  They were nearer home on the curb near a traffic light.  I know the pink and yellow mums but not sure of the other two.

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Friday, October 24, 2014


Up until I was 25 I had been visiting the ponies on Dartmoor since I was eight years' old.  At first it was a couple of times a year when on holiday, and then at 15 years of age we moved down to South Devon permanently.  At every opportunity I would head for the Moors, about as long a drive from our home as it is for me to the Shenandoah's right now, maybe not even that.  

I loved the wildness of the Moors, and I loved the ponies and visited often.  After a 20 year absence I was able to see them again.  That old feeling of love for Dartmoor and for these beautiful animals came rushing back, as if I hadn't been gone for long at all, and I couldn't stop taking photos.

You can learn more of Dartmoor and its Ponies here.

A while ago I started visiting two blogs from my part of the world.  The first one I discovered was Em of Dartmoor Ramblings.  She actually lives on Dartmoor and takes wonderful photos of living life on the Moors, including these beautiful ponies.  Through her I discovered SeagullSuzie whose blog is Beautiful Brixham. Brixham is another place I know very well.   Both of them take me home virtually whenever I want.  They have great posts and their photos are always a joy to see.


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Thursday, October 23, 2014


Today I am once again sharing photos from Manasass, Virginia, this time showing the beautiful skies over one of my favorite used book stores.

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